BSC Medicare

February 3, 2016


Blue Shield of California’s 2015 Medicare member goals were very aggressive and they were finding that their historical media mix was delivering fewer and fewer leads for their salesforce. On top of this, their executive team was challenging them to be more cost efficient with their marketing and advertising and they needed to not only deliver a larger lead pool, but they had to do so at significantly lower cost-per-lead. This all needed to be accomplished during the 2015 open enrollment period which is a short two month period.


The BSSP media team’s research showed the stereotype of seniors not being active online and preferring to do business over the phone was a myth. In addition to traditional media outlets such as DRTV, FSIs and newspaper we expanded their media mix to incorporated various digital channels including search and programmatic display. We also analyzed results on an on-going basis and adjusted our media channel mix, partners and data sources throughout the campaign to fine tune the campaign in order to deliver the highest level of leads at the lowest cost.


We not only delivered on Blue Shield of CA’s goals, but we exceeded them. We also were able to obtain valuable insights from our various testing opportunities to incorporate to the next year’s plan.

Leads: +10% of goal, + 88% YOY

Cost-per-lead: 19% more efficient than goal, 34% more efficient YOY

Enrollments: +71% goal, +7% YOY