Columbia Weather Triggered Media

February 3, 2016


After analyzing the moments where consumers are most likely to purchase Columbia, we determined there was an opportunity to reach them where weather was happening. Our competitors had a pervasive presence across the biggest weather sites, we needed to find a way to focus on our dollars in weather environments where we weren’t competing with other brands and within the weather conditions most likely to prompt purchases.


We decided to buy not based on site, but based on weather conditions. Since that capability didn’t exist at the time, we created it. We hacked our in-house trading desk and built a custom algorithm, using the Weather Underground API, to increase the volume of impressions delivered programmatically during weather patterns aligned to key product benefits. We targeted cities where it was raining right now with a rain gear message and cities where it was snowing with a snow gear message.


The BSSP Trading Desk delivered media to the moments where consumers are most likely to buy and it made s huge difference in performance. Our programmatic spend went up almost 200% but this more than paid itself out through a 400% increase in online sales.

What a warm feeling to know our insight and innovation proved to be so valuable to driving Columbia’s business.