MINI USA – Building the Brand

February 3, 2016


The US auto category is an extremely saturated market with an ever growing selection of makes and models. On top of that, the auto industry ranks second in total US ad spending making it difficult to stand out and get noticed. MINI USA’s advertising spend SOV is also less than 1% so they need to find innovative ways to get on car shoppers’ radar and consideration list.


Our media approach for MINI has always been to out-smart, not outspend, the competition. We find opportunities to surprise and delight audiences making a single impression make a memorable impact.


Where large SUVs dominate, BSSP has assisted MINI USA with ever-growing success. MINI USA now outsells established brands like Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar in the U.S. market, and since BSSP has handled their advertising and media, sales have increased 33% and are three times higher than the initial US sales goal.