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Thanks for meeting to review some of our work live. We hope you sense that we are an agency with very deep experience in broadcast across many categories including B2B.


We have helped simplify complex messages in highly regulated categories like healthcare insurance. We’re confident that BSSP in collaboration with the AWS marketing team, can help create a memorable and differentiating campaign for your industry leading service.


We hope to be included in the next round of development. In the meantime, enjoy the collection of work we’ve curated that meets the criteria set forth in your initial questions.


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    Even when the world as we know it seems so distant, the world of sports is alive and well.


    Champions are still throwing touchdowns,
    Buzzer beaters are still winning games,
    Fans are still fans,
    Legends are still legends.
    And in the world of sports, and no one goes deeper than the ESPN App.


    This campaign brings together all the energy and excitement of live sports, fan-favorite ESPN hosts, and the electricity of rapper and cultural phenom, Chika.


    Early results as measured by app downloads are dramatically exceeding ESPN’s target.




      Google is the unquestioned leader in search. But sometimes, you have to encourage busy, hard-working parents to slow down, and use the engine to discover and share new things with their families. This campaign was part of a multi-pronged effort to demonstrate that Google is an important and enriching tool in your learning arsenal.




        For over 10 years, MINI grew its brand on the back of being a countercultural underdog—a cheeky rebel that took on the traditional, often boring and predictable, aspects of U.S. car culture. Those efforts helped the brand build a strong community and generate reasonably healthy sales. To take it to the next level, however, the brand needed to grow up. MINI was set to debut the new MINI Clubman, the largest and most expensive MINI ever, but research conducted with premium car buyers revealed the brand was not even on their radar. Based on old baggage and misperceptions, these buyers didn’t see it MINI as a car “for them.” We launched this spot on the Super Bowl to help change perceptions. The Washington Post called it “a masterpiece.”

          Blue Shield



          Our most recent work for one of our most long-standing clients is a campaign called What We Stand For Sets Us Apart. As part of their mission, Blue Shield has always campaigned for equality, resiliency and the health of California communities. This campaign underscores that belief system. Their blue is more than a color. It’s what they stand for. It also establishes a strong visual identity for Blue Shield, creating a distinctive and engaging look in the marketplace.


            THE KING RETURNS


            Evony is a strategy game with roots in PC gaming. But they needed a new way to drive sales by relaunching their game on mobile.


            With the help of Aaron Eckhart as George Washington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as King Arthur and one of China’s biggest stars, Fan Bingbing, as Empress Wu, Evony busted through the crowded mobile gaming space.


            Three days after the first commercial was released,
 app installs had increased by 
a factor of four. And Evony catapulted from unranked to one of the top 
five games in the iTunes App Store within one week.




              Uber’s drivers are the engine of the company (literally) and Uber continuously needs to fill the pipeline with these important ‘small business owners.’ We developed a campaign for Uber designed to recruit new drivers by highlighting the diverse, hard-working group of people earning money to help themselves live richer, more fulfilling lives. Our campaign far exceeded the previous driver recruitment work on all key effectiveness measures.

                Blue Shield

                FOSTERING DREAMS


                Small businesses are a key constituent in Blue Shield’s quest to help keep all Californian’s healthy and well. In this campaign, we showcase some inspiring small businesses and show our support helping them do what they do best, so they don’t have to focus on health insurance coverage. We advertised in all 2,600 of California zip codes, in this small business effort, showcasing interesting businesses throughout this state.


                  CONTRACT FREE


                  People can’t stand their mobile contracts. Why? Because they hold us back from doing the things we love most – getting on with our lives and having some adventures. We leaned into this insight and employed a famous former NFL player who was doing just fine without a current contract. In fact, he was living his best life without one and encouraged others to do the same. Our Tim Tebow story was a major hit around the country when it launched on the Super Bowl and part of the “Did you see that Super Bowl spot?” conversation on every major social channel in the weeks to follow.

                    NBA 2K

                    WELCOME TO THE NEXT


                    NBA 2K isn’t a basketball game, it’s a platform for gamers, hoopers and tastemakers to come together and create what’s next in culture. Our challenge was to rise above the video game category to put the 2K franchise at the center of basketball and popular culture.


                    For NBA 2K20, we created a campaign that featured an array of next makers who are currently crafting culture. Starting with cover athletes Anthony Davis, on the reigning champs, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Nigerian-born rapper and singer, Tobe Nwigwe. The integrated campaign from cover art, to experiential and broadcast, propelled the global sports leader even further apart from the competition making it one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world.


                      DEAR MRS. CLAUS


                      Fact: Moms do more than 85% of the holiday shopping and preparation. Yet all the props go to an old guy with a white beard. It’s time to flip the script. To say to women everywhere: We know you’re the true force behind making the holidays (and every day) filled with joy. It was a notion that broke through the holiday retail sea of sameness and Zulily utilized Dear Mrs. Claus as a platform through every single customer touchpoint: From the customer service on-hold message to influencer strategy to packaging inserts and more across earned, owned and paid channels. It also galvanized employees internally, as one particular employee at the very top expressed on LinkedIn:


                      “I’ve been blessed to have my Mom. She raised 3 boys independently, while becoming a college professor, entrepreneur, and a seasoned executive coach over the last few decades. I am who I am because of my Mom. We recognize that like my mom, Moms wear so many hats. Particularly this year. A teacher, head of IT, chef, coach and everything in between. Today, we launched our Holiday campaign. A tribute to Mrs. Claus. A tribute to Moms everywhere. Who give and give endlessly. We see you.”


                      — Jeff Yurcisin, Zulily CEO




                        When MINI launched the Clubman globally, they charged BSSP to develop a visually-arresting campaign to capture the imagination of a design-centric, creative-oriented target who’d appreciate the car’s new shape and ‘barn doors.’ We leaned into the new design feature, in a fresh, iconic way, helping successfully launch the first new model in the company’s history outside of the classic hardtop.




                          A few years ago, we helped DraftKings introduce Daily Fantasy Sports into the lives of sports fans around the country. This was a new concept and we needed to differentiate ourselves from Fantasy Football, which was the dominant practice among NFL fans during the season. In just six weeks, we produced 10 commercials to help launch this new gaming concept. The work exceeded all sign up measures and DraftKings has since become the number one player in the space.

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