Est. 1993Sausalito / CA
Healthy Habit Builder

Nature Made is a broad-line vitamin brand that had recently experienced declines in their baseline products, which compete in a highly fragmented and commoditized space. They sought to develop a six-week integrated campaign that harnessed the power of their top retailers to drive engagement around key need states (e.g., heart health) and offer more value to consumers than the typical consumer promotion.

    BSSP partnered with Nature Made and WebMD to create the Healthy Habit Builder, a wellness program that serves up daily health tips, encouragement, and fun challenges to help participants build new habits related to a selected need state. Progress is rewarded with coupons, prizes and more from their preferred retailer, to help bring online traffic into the store.

    This effort was the first ever partnership between WebMD and a packaged goods brand, and was featured extensively throughout the site with native and custom advertising units. The program is also promoted heavily on social media, and through retail partners including Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Walmart, and Kroger.


      We increase brand relevancy and consideration, as measured by a pre/post survey for participants. The program succeeded by increasing both brand relevancy scores (helps me achieve my health goals & offers the right range of products) by 13%, which was a 4x increase over the goal. Similarly, purchase consideration scores increased 3x above the objective.

      In addition, participants became more engaged, with a 15pt lift in consumers taking 3+ vitamins a day, and a 4pt lift in those who started taking a new vitamin in the last 30 days. The Healthy Habit Builder program also had a considerable impact on social conversations around the brand, with a 60% lift in overall mentions, and a 114% lift in positive mentions.