Est. 1993Sausalito / CA
Zico Coconut Water
Natural OOMPH

Coconut water is a rapidly growing segment in the extremely fragmented beverages aisle of grocery and mass retailers. It competes against the established soda brands, juices, sport drinks, energy drinks, teas, and waters (both enhanced and the good old fashioned kind). While it’s familiar to those living in tropical countries, it’s a relatively unknown option to the majority of Americans. ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water was one of the first brands to introduce the beverage to the United States. Starting in 2004, ZICO built its brand at a grass-roots level among a core consumer segment of yoga and triathlete enthusiasts in key markets, positioning itself as a natural alternative to the more synthetic sports drinks. Beginning in 2013, ZICO’s product has been distributed by its majority investor, The Coca-Cola Company, which puts its bottles on shelves throughout America. To support this new national distribution, it was time for ZICO to take itself beyond its base of athlete consumers and introduce the unknown brand and unfamiliar product to the masses.

    We knew the equity ZICO built among its core fans was invaluable, and a true testament to its credibility as a natural hydrator. It was important to leverage that powerful heritage, but not everyone can relate to such hard-core athletes. ZICO needed to broaden its appeal to those of us who are “try-athletes” as well. Those who strive for a healthy, active lifestyle, but recognize that life’s juggling act can often get in the way. ZICO also needed to communicate the benefits of coconut water in a way that went beyond post-workout hydration—to make those electrolytes and potassium benefits have meaning and offer a more emotional benefit to the brand.

      Enter ZICO’s new brand campaign: “Oomph.” Our way of articulating not only the functional benefit of hydrating with ZICO, but also expanding it to encompass the uplifting experience of positive energy we all have inside of us. With this new brand idea, ZICO can appeal to both the athletes looking for oomph to get through marathons, and those of us just looking for some help getting through a long Monday afternoon at work. It’s both inspiring and playful. It also helps ZICO stand apart from its coconut water competitors who rely on the same tropical or athletic imagery that’s become expected from the category.

      We introduced ZICO’s new brand through a pool of short-form online “Moments of Oomph” videos; outdoor advertising in eight major markets like New York, L.A. and Miami; print, digital, and social media communications; as well as a refreshed We designed a media plan that partnered with key heath and fitness websites like SELF and Men’s Fitness, while leveraging search and social media support to expand ZICO’s reach. We’ve also brought Oomph to life in retail programs and important field marketing events.

        This new brand idea gave ZICO a fresh way to introduce itself to a broader audience of consumers. It helped reinvigorate their field marketing team and inspired them to engage with event-goers and retailer customers with a new voice. The ZICO videos have collectively earned over 7M views. And most importantly, sales grew at a rapid pace and exceeded the aggressive national goals.