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13 Most Interesting Things from BSSP in 2020

You made it! As promised, below you’ll find 13 pieces of work we are particularly proud to share. From helping relaunch ESPN’s mobile app with Grammy-nominated Best New Artist candidate Chika, to celebrating the true heroes of Christmas—moms—for Zulily, there’s a lot of work to look at. Scroll through to enjoy some of our best work from this year, and know there’s much more to come in 2021.




    Even when the world as we know it seems so distant, the world of sports is alive and well.


    Champions are still throwing touchdowns,
    Buzzer-beaters are still winning games,
    Fans are still fans,
    And legends are still legends.


    This campaign brings together all the energy and excitement of live sports, fan-favorite ESPN hosts, and the electricity of our Grammy-nominated rapper Chika going in on the track.


    This is the world of sports, and no one goes deeper than the ESPN App.

      Blue Shield



      Eight minutes and 46 seconds. That’s how long officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on unarmed George Floyd’s neck, leading to his murder and sparking protests for justice and equality across the nation.


      As a company rooted in strong values, equality being one of them, Blue Shield of California wanted to show their solidarity with the movement by making it clear what they stand for and encouraging others to do the right thing.

        Rao’s Homemade



        Doesn’t matter what you make, how it looks, or how many cooks were in the kitchen when you made it. With Rao’s Homemade, delicious is always worth it.

          COVID-19 Response



          Getting the right information can save lives. And now, more than ever, where that information comes from is just as important as what it is. Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to listen to celebrities – or the loudest voice – over qualified professionals. Which gave us an idea. What if we turned the frontline experts into pop culture icons?


          #FauciArt—A concept where we ask anybody and everybody to make Dr. Fauci a viral star by turning his image into a work of art. We started internally at the agency. Each department created their own versions of #FauciArt to be shared on social media. Now we’re opening it up to the world and encouraging everyone to join the trend — so together we can collectively keep Dr. Fauci in the spotlight, right where we need him.


          Make your own and tag #FauciArt


            DEAR MRS. CLAUS


            Fact: Moms do more than 85% of the holiday shopping and preparation. Yet all the props go to an old guy with a white beard. It’s time to flip the script. To say to women everywhere: We see you. We appreciate you. We know you’re the true force behind making the holidays (and every day) filled with joy.


            “Over the last 36 years, I’ve been blessed to have my mom. She raised three boys independently, while becoming a college professor, entrepreneur, and a seasoned executive coach over the last few decades. I am who I am because of my mom. We recognize that, like my mom, moms wear so many hats. Particularly this year. A teacher, head of IT, chef, coach, and everything in between.”


            — Jeff Yurcisin, Zulily CEO

              Blue Shield

              LET’S NOT GO BACK

              When we can get back to work, let’s work to make sure it’s not business as usual.
              Let’s change.
              Let’s change.
              Let’s change.
              Let’s give 50% of the population 50% of the voice.
              When things go back to normal,
              let’s not go back to normal.

                City of Hope



                City of Hope, one of the leading cancer hospitals in the western United States, has been making major contributions to the world of medicine for 106 years. So when it came time to spread news about their new campaign, we knew we had to deliver big – 40,000 square feet “big,” to be exact.

                We got our message out on the largest digital out-of-home billboard in America and the highest Geopath-rated unit in the country, where we delivered over 120 million weekly impressions to Los Angeles residents. To put that all in perspective, that’s about 60 traditional billboards, 244 ultra super kings, and 1,760 bus shelters.

                  Rao’s Homemade



                  Kindness. Generosity. Love. For nearly everyone on the planet, who’s the first person to teach us those values? Mom. And especially right now, those homemade values are helping us all pull through. We worked with Rao’s Homemade to say thanks to moms and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.




                    Staying true to their roots, noosa doesn’t hold back when it comes to crafting yoghurt – taking the smoothest, velvety texture, and packing it with the finest, all-natural whole ingredients, to create the richest flavors.


                    Our campaign, Full On Tasty, centered around noosa’s uncompromisingly delicious taste and premium ingredients. From elevated, eat-the-screen imagery to playful messaging, we created a whole new mouthwatering universe to play (and eat) in.

                      Mill Valley Film Festival

                      THROUGH THE LENS


                      The Mill Valley Film Festival is a gathering unlike any other. Half grass roots indie, half ultra-curated cinema prestige, this unholy union gives itself completely to the pursuit of wonder. This campaign is a testament to the power of film, and an unobstructed gaze into the moment when reels capture reality.

                        Blue Shield



                        As cases surged across California, Blue Shield wanted to communicate the importance of wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 – a simple truth grounded in medicine, not politics.


                          FOR THE LOVE OF GOLF


                          Even though FootJoy has long been the #1 shoe in golf, the perfectionists at the company couldn’t help but improve upon their shoe’s technology and design. It was time to start highlighting the impressive technology and innovation they were bringing to the course.

                          Loving the game means obsessing over every little detail – sweating the small stuff, knowing that the littlest things can make a big difference in performance. With the help of some of the most impressive players on tour, we launched For the Love of Golf and a new, updated point-of-view for the FootJoy brand.

                            Traditional Medicinals

                            IT’S AMAZING WHAT A PLANT CAN DO


                            Welcome to the wonderful world of Traditional Medicinals, where Mother Nature always has your back. Dive in and get a closer look at all the amazing things a plant can do.