Est. 1993Sausalito / CA
Small Batch

Over the past few years, Mitsubishi has quietly evolved its entire range of products, moving away from the cars that had historically made them famous to an entirely new line-up of CUVs. It had become a smaller, more niche player in the automotive industry, selling less than 1% of the new cars sold in the United States every year.


We believed that size could be a strength, not a weakness. The most interesting truth for us, was uncovering such a strong sense of pride in their newfound smallness. In a market filled with monotony and tedious tropes, the curated line-up gave us focus and allowed us to be a breath of fresh air in a stale sea of sameness. When we looked to Mitsubishi owners, we recognized that they already understood the mindset; being niche gave the brand more character and uniqueness. We had the opportunity to give a small, confident group of people a reason to talk about and have confidence in the brand.


We embraced the uncommonness and turned the limited range of models into a limited-edition mindset. Coupled with a fresh, bold yet simple look — the small batch lineup was unique to Mitsubishi but also said something unique about its drivers.


The brand is beginning to see an increase in consumer perception and 2019 is their best calendar year-to-date in sales.

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