Est. 1993Sausalito / CA
Rao’s Soup

Rao’s Homemade, known for their premium line of pasta sauce, saw a white space in the soup aisle. Consumers have grown up eating and loving two big players (you know their names), but unlike many food trends, soup has not progressed with the times. Our challenge was to drive mass awareness and trial of Rao’s high quality, shelf stable soup.


What happened to soup? The interesting thing was, since 1897 when canned soup was first invented, nothing. And that was the problem. We knew that people don’t trust that fresh taste can come from a tin can and even if it does they think it must be unnaturally enhanced. After all, we can’t even see what we’re buying. Rao’s had the unique opportunity to stand out in a sea of inscrutable cans and cartons.


Our campaign, A Soup with Nothing to Hide, brought soup out from the darkness. Supported by a clear, glass jar and no preservatives, we built a world where our jar was the hero and could do all the talking for us, pitting tin cans against our delicious, premium soup.


We are happy to say that soup has been flying off the shelves and awareness is on par with other Rao’s product line extensions less than a year after launch.

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