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From lack of sleep to lack of protective equipment, every day is a grueling uphill battle for healthcare professionals on the front line. It’s only because of their courage, dedication and selflessness that we’re able to have hope and relief during this devastating time.


Along with donating $200MM to COVID-19 relief efforts, Blue Shield of California wanted to pay homage to the front line and their incredible efforts. And, we too felt it was important to give these heroes a voice.


So, we conducted interviews with medical staffers to understand their true feelings, and partnered with LA-based photographer and director Sam Bayer to capture stills of their experiences on the front line.


In the end, we wanted to recognize not just the toughness of the front line worker’s job, but ultimately the toughness of the front line worker.


Tough has received positive momentum by the Blue Shield of California organization and the community at large. Boasting thousands of views, hundreds of likes and a flurry of comments, this spot, has made quite the impression during its short month-long run. It’s also been highly regarded by trade press such as the SF Egotist, which wrote: “We’ve seen a ton of “Thanks essential workers” spots these days. This one from Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners is one of the best.”

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