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Come Together

During times like these, everyone has a role to play in keeping our families, friends, and communities safe. In partnership with our clients, BSSP is getting involved by doing what we know best- using our creativity and our art to look after the people around us.

    Getting the right information can save lives. And now more than ever, where that information comes from is just as important as what it is. Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to listen to celebrities – or the loudest voice – over qualified professionals. Which gave us an idea. What if we turned the frontline experts into pop culture icons?

    #FauciArt—A concept where we ask anybody and everybody to make Dr. Fauci a viral star by turning his image into a work of art. We started internally at the agency. Each department created their own versions of #FauciArt to be shared on social media. Now we’re opening it up to the world and encouraging everyone to join the trend — so together we can collectively keep Dr. Fauci in the spotlight, right where we need him.

    Make your own and tag #FauciArt

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