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Welcome to a Full on Tasty Universe

After an initial run of explosive growth at launch, noosa plateaued in awareness and household penetration. With hundreds of other yogurt options in the refrigerator case, it’s no surprise that consumers were unfamiliar with noosa and what makes it different. Further, noosa was perceived as being both expensive and high in sugar.


Noosa’s delicious taste is what distinguishes the brand from the competition. Staying true to the recipe discovered in Noosa, Australia, noosa doesn’t hold back when it comes to crafting yoghurt – taking the smoothest, velvety texture, and packing it with the finest, all-natural whole ingredients, to create the richest flavors.


We identified a sizable audience of category consumers called Hungry Adventurers who don’t hold back either. What made things interesting for us, was that nutrition counting isn’t their only approach to good, wholesome food. Ingredients, craft, and unexpected tastes represented a bigger cultural value, and a life well lived.


Our campaign, Full On Tasty, centered around noosa’s uncompromisingly delicious taste and premium ingredients. From elevated, eat-the-screen imagery to playful messaging, we created a whole new mouth-watering universe to play in.


We are currently seeing lifts in household penetration and year over year sales increasing that are also outpacing the category. Additionally, we are seeing higher engagement rates than previous campaigns with our Full On Tasty content.

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